Brad Grubaugh

Born in San Diego County, I migrated to Venice Beach where I was introduced to the world of advertising and production and have been involved on the sales and business development side ever since. I try and adhere to balance in life, and the cliche adage "work hard, play hard" is often applied to my program. This business offers everyday inspiration from creative minds, and I enjoy striving to be a participant not just an observer. I have had the good fortune of working alongside some very notable talent and successful company's and I look forward to continuing that trend. In an effort to make this slightly less formal, I am a scorpio, love golf, gracie jiu jitsu, and of course whooping it up with my family.





Sophie Moore

Raised in Los Angeles by two British artists, I was sensitized from an early age to an aesthetic and cinematic culture. I received my BA in Art History from UCLA, went to patisserie school (so I can legally bake muffins etc.), and spent 4 years as a commercial costume designer and stylist. A self proclaimed animal hoarder, I have had birds, cats, and dogs. I am an avid tea drinker, and a sci-fi fan (click here to read my essay on BladeRunner) and a painter.

As an extroverted introvert, the solitary life of the artist hasn't been as appealing as representation.  I am especially passionate about representing other artists, which seems to combine the best of all the worlds I know and feel comfortable in. It allows me to play cupid with people and projects - bringing talent of all types together to achieve commercial success.

As Henry Ford said, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses”. As a creative person & forward thinker, I agree. Creativity does not follow, it leads.